Visual perception and cognition
To carry the sea with them...
Buzsaki on Complexity
[My] ambition has been growing...
Prigogine on Complex systems
Will of an Epoch
Из писем Цицерона
Раз много людей не справилось ...
All that is necessary for evil to triumph ...
Moderation is a fatal thing
Две основы достоинства
Like a mighty stream
Delight of the city
You manage things, but you lead people
Is it right?
Serenity and Courage
More Music
Something wonderful…
Nature cannot be fooled
Nature of truth
The road to excess...
How did the cat get so fat?
If you want total security…
The only sin is mediocrity
Жизнь, свобода и стремление к счастью
No pain no gain
And whither then? I cannot say
Нет более верного пути уничтожить человека
Changing of the guards
Rising every time we fall
Have lots of sex, and love your life
Through passion and inwardness
Dirichlet's jewels
Innovation, quality, passion
Genius of hard work
The programmer, like the poet
Key to Failure
The meek shall inherit the earth
Небо очень черное...
Where black is the color
Dance first. Think later.