Photos from the 2017 holiday season paragliding trip to Colombia:

Flying to Bogota

Flying to Bogota over the hills

Roldanillo Entrance


Bike by the door



Mountain side

Night in town

Dark hills

Evening ridge

Going to a party

Cat on a roof

New Year quadrocycle

New Year truck

New Year truck attacked

Green teens

People party in the truck

New Year's scrimmage

Partying men

Juice palace

New Year table


Arrived to the pico

Grazing horse

Right slope

Ridge under the cloud

Clouds around antenna

Yellow glider's take-off

Yellow glider flying

Magnus riding the truck

Turning paraglider

Turning paraglider 2

Looking up

Turning against the Sun

Sunshine in the glasses

Gliding to the next cloud

Feet in clouds, high

Feet in clouds, low

Feet in clouds, higher

First long track

First long track


Catolic Christmas statues



La Ondina


Cows under the tree

Two palms

Through the glasses



Hiking hard

Roldanilho Cemetery

Back to the town

Through the corn field

Alley of the kids' art

Car service

Another square

White street

White street, blue person

Owl graffity

Chilling hound

Doge pretends to be dead



Vultures on the tree

Sun through the tree

Chilling locals

Christmas statues at the poor house

Locals hanging out

Classic art

Old dude

Red flowers

Sunset in hotel

Hiked back

Evening coffee

Landing in la Union

Bus service

Landing in la Union

Parrots and statues

Local market

Cow head

Church and bright graffity

Ant stream

Speed bar repaired 👍

Speed bar repaired

Clouds and fields

Hiking out of the fields

Aquapanela con queso

After rain

Tea and rain

Old lady

Feliz navidad

A lot of green

Coffee and information theory

Grape juice with locals

Cloudy sky

Local modern art

Homer Mayan

Homer native

Mickey mouse status

Homer Simpson in poncho

La Union street

Aliente de la tierra

Cooking pasta


Hiding from rain at the banana farm

Hiding from rain at the banana farm is funny

Cloudbase is low

Truck can't go up anymore

Fog on the Pico 1

Fog on the Pico 2

Corn field road

Corn farm

Saint Marry



City in the evening

Looney tunes statues

Wasp nest

Motorbike repair service


Paragliding shuttle

Foraging clementines

Blue clouds in the valley

In the fog

Los Tanques

Spiky plant

Orange food

Smoking Santa

Huge cloud

Mexico airport mural

Sunset in the airport

Ray of sunlight

Dark sky

New Mexico in the darkness